Success is final, everything else is rehearsal

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MUMBAI: Writer Kurt Vonnegut once mentioned in his book ‘A Man without a Country’-“To practice your art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Vocalist Abhijit Ghoshal whose musical journey has been no less than a roller coaster ride abides by this quote.

His relationship with music started in the year 2003 when the singer participated in the venerable show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ and became the winner of 11 consecutive episodes. Sadly, he left the show in between sighting his mother’s struggle with cancer. Nevertheless, what is meant to be, will always find a way. Therefore, Abhijit got the opportunity to be a part of the singing reality show not once but twice. He first participated in 2009 on 1000 episodes celebration of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ and he was once again approached in 2016. This time, the singer is seen on the jury.

To known more about the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ jury click here.

Sharing his feelings on the same, Abhijit said, “This is no less than homecoming.”

Abhijit chose an unstable profession over a well-settled bank job, but as they say, “Risk-taking is essential for innovation”- therefore, he never regretted his decision. “My family, my friends and my wife, they all supported and appreciated my decision of going after what I liked to do the most,” stated the singer.

Today this soloist has not only cemented his foot in the world of sound but in the advertisement sector as well. In fact, he along with his mates- Aniket Kar and Adil Rasheed compose jingles for ads. “Composing for jingles is much tougher as one has to narrate a story in 30-seconds and it has to create an impact,” Abhijit explained. “Some of our famous ads are the Glucon D, Nicel, Bajaj Electricals, and Amway. Recently we did an ad for Bajaj on Mother’s Day and it crossed one million views,” added the composer.

Finally, the optimistic singer told us about his upcoming projects, which includes two Bollywood films.

“Success is final; everything else is a rehearsal. I guess the output of my efforts will be my success and everything in between- my rehearsals,” ended Abhijit.

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