Abhijit Aniket Adil (The Trio)

Abhijit Aniket Adil the composer-trio commenced their musical journey with the release of their Peace Anthem “Hum-Ek-Hum” that gathered over 2,00,000 hits on YouTube. Thereafter they have worked on the music and the background scores of many commercial films. Their debut Hindi feature film “Bhaangarh”, a psycho thriller, is slated to be released in early 2015. The composer-trio have also rendered the background scores of several regional films like “Assi Desi” and “Proper Patola”.Besides films, Abhijit Aniket Adil are also composing for TV commercials. Their recent impressive work include “Nycil – 10 rupaye mein game on!” and “Dabur Glucon-D” which have been a craze. Their work extends to composing Anthems for corporates and institutions as well. Their anthem for IIT Techfest 2015 on women empowerment , “Ye Hai Naari” has already become a big hit.Along with music production, the harmonious Trio are live performers enthralling music lovers around the globe with performance of their band “Tathaastu”.

for more info visit www.abhijitaniketadil.com

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